Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't Compare

I hope y'all are enjoying our relationship series so far! This has been such a blessing to the four of us already, and we are so excited to see where God continues to lead us. I hope you will continue to follow us, and I pray that He is also speaking to you!

I am the married one among the fearless four. My husband, Josh, and I got married in May 2011, so we are still newlyweds. As we have spent the last 9 months together, God has taught me a lot about being a wife. Being a wife and girlfriend is something that is so special because we are responsible for building our men up. We are the "helpers" if you will, and we are the encouragers.

Something else that I have learned along the way is this: Every relationship is different.

This is something that we must all learn and remember constantly. How many times have you found yourself comparing you and your husband to others around you? Maybe you saw someone's status about their husband/boyfriend bringing home flowers, or they were surprised them with a weekend get away, or your friend on facebook posted pictures of their fairytale engagement. There are so many scenarios where you could look at someone else and become jealous. 

That is a dangerous place friends. Satan will take that jealousy and run with it. He will see the opportunity to increase your negativity in situations and then will bust the door down trying to make it even worse.

Let me encourage you to not go there. Don't compare your relationship with your husband/boyfriend with anyone else. Every single person is different. Every situation is different. Everyone feels loved in a different way. You can't get caught up in wishing and hoping your husband/boyfriend would do "that" for you. 

Instead, be thankful for what they do each and every day. Be thankful for that sweet smile they have on their face when you see one other. Be thankful when they randomly take you to eat somewhere, even it's McDonalds! Don't take those moments for granted because that's when you know that they care. It's when they consistently do things to show their love that you know they really do love you.

I saw this on Pinterest...
Don't let comparison steal your joy!

"Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that... Don't compare yourself with others." Galations 6:4 (Msg)



  1. This is so beautiful! I am guilty of being a "comparing" wife at times. It is difficult to see others doing/getting what you WANT while you are left behind without it. That's the thing though, you WANT! You do not NEED! AND YOU DO HAVE! I have to make sure to remember and remind myself that I have an amazing man by my side who loves me and shows me everyday. It may not be in the BIGGEST or FANCIEST way every time, but he does... AND IT COUNTS just the same! Thank you so much for this post. I am a FEARLESS LOVER!!! Also, is it okay if I steal that Gal. verse for my post today?

  2. My husband and I are bad about this. Not necessarily when it comes to our relationship, but rather the stages of life we're in. We look at friends who already have great careers, beautiful homes, adorable children, fancy vacation, new cars, etc...and we just flat out covet it! We wonder why we're the same age and don't have some of those things. But life is different for everyone and we constantly have to remember that! We are SO blessed, and when we get jealous of others, we are ignoring the abundant blessings God has already given us and telling him it's not enough. And it is. It's MORE than enough. Thanks for the reminder today!

  3. I definitely needed this reminder! It's so easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. Thank you for sharing!!