Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Still Established

Self-control is a funny thing. It looks so different for every person in every situation. When it comes to tools that people can use to establish self-control what works for one person may not work for some one else. For me (Jamie), prayer and patience is what I use. I pray the same prayer every time I feel like I will need self-control.

When I was a Senior in High School I was given a personal promise bible for graduation. In the bible is this quote that really hits home with me in the arena of sin. You see, self-control directly correlates with sin in the sense that one must establish self-control in order to avoid sin. The quote says this:

Keep me still established both in constant assurance, that you will speak to me at the beginning of every such soul sickness, at the approach of every such sin; and that, if I take knowledge of that voice then, and fly to You, You will preserve me from falling, or raise me again, when by natural infirmities I'm fallen. -John Donne

This has been a tool I use to help my mind and heart stay fixed on Jesus at all times. At the approach of every such soul sickness (sin) I go before the Lord and declare His righteousness. 

Another thing I've come to learn about sin and self-control is that being a Christian isn't enough. Being a Christian doesn't exempt you from a life of trouble and temptation. God doesn't promise a carpet on the race track or a bed of roses on the battlefield. But you can be "confident in this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion" (Php. 1:6 NIV)

As long as you pray, have patience with yourself and declare that Jesus will carry you through your life, in times of temptation and in times of victory, then you will be fully clothed with the armor of God and no sin will keep you down.

Self-control is so so hard. I know. But you have to equip yourself with ways to maintain self-control in all situations. I urge each of you to take some time and really think of ways you personally can make sure you have self-control. This will look different for EVERYONE. Leave some of your suggestions in the comments section below, if you don't mind, because what you say may be helpful to someone else who hasn't quite figured out what works well for them.

I love you all and am so thankful to be on this journey with y'all !

be blessed, jamie

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  1. I usually find that when I'm feeling most tempted and vulnerable to sin is when I'm straying in my walk. The more closely I walk in line with The Spirit, the easier those things become. I agree with you, though, that God did not promise an easy life just because we're Christians. In fact, he tells us multiple times that it will NOT be easy. But the Holy Spirit WILL carry you through, and walking closely with Him is the best protection against sin and reinforcement for self-control. I guess that's why it's a fruit of the spirit, huh? ;)