Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who to trust in a relationship

Good morning, sweet friends!  I am so excited that we are starting a new series today!  We learned a lot through our nine weeks studying the fruits of the spirit and I hope you did, too!
This series will be a little bit different, but I think that you guys will really be able to keep up a little better than last time.  You can expect two posts a week for the next four weeks, and we will be talking all about different aspects of relationships! 

Don’t lose me here, single girls!  I promise that you can gain something from this series and WE promise not to completely leave you out!

This week Jessica and I (Nicole) will be talking about one of the most important aspects of a relationship.  Trust.
When I began to think about this topic, a lot of different posts filled my mind.  You could write a million different books on this one topic, but I decided to take the path less taken.  In order to truly and fully trust in the person you are with, you have to have greater trust.  A trust in the Lord.

This is a lesson that I’m in the middle of learning even as I type this.  My boyfriend has just graduated from college, he is in the process of finding a job, our relationship has become long distance, and I’m working to keep my head above the water in my sixth semester of college.  Things have become much different for us in the past few weeks and I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t worried.

What if he can’t find a job?
What if I don’t do well this semester?
What if we have problems now that we don’t see each other every day?
There are so many “what ifs” that I have that my boyfriend simply cannot answer.  He doesn’t know when a job will be available or when we will be able to get married.  When I place all my trust into him, I come out lacking.  Lacking answers, lacking assurance, and overflowing with doubt.  When I place this kind of trust in him I end up disappointed.  Why?

Because he isn’t who I should be placing my trust in.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

I think this verse is ultimately saying that the Lord is the only one who we can whole heartedly place every ounce of our trust.  Not only should we not depend on our own understanding, but we shouldn’t place so much trust in another human’s understanding, either. 

As much as we struggle with wanting to know what’s next or what is going to happen down the road, only the Lord can make that known.  No amount of trust in a man is going to make that clear.  The very next verse in Proverbs 3 says “seek his will in all you do and he will make your paths straight.”

Well, look at that.  When we seek His face, we are right on track with where we should be.
I am learning to trust the Lord first with my relationship.  When I lay my relationship and all my questions about it at his feet, I am able to rest in his peace.  I can take all the pressure off my boyfriend by trusting the Lord for my answers instead of Him.

Lord, help us to keep our eyes and our trust fixed on you.  You alone can know the desires and deepest worries of our hearts.  Give us the courage to take a step of faith in trusting your plan for our lives and our relationships.  Teach us how to trust you before we trust any other and show us when we’re placing trust in man before we are placing trust in you.

Is this something you struggle with, too?  Here are some verses about trust to reflect on.
Psalm 18:2
Psalm 37:5
Psalm 118:8

Love you guys,


  1. Praying for you ! I've been in both shoes with no job and distance! Take it one day at a time! God always provides and has the best intentions looks our does what's best for you as for all his children!

  2. This is def something I needed o read. It is a serious weakness of mine.

  3. It amazes me how God's timing works out, even in the little things! I just ordered a devotional for my boyfriend and I to start as part of his Valentine's day present with this entire concept in mine. We will both be graduating in May and may have to do long(er) distance for a bit while I am finishing up my field study and he is starting his career. Reading this and praying about it was just what I needed! Thank you so much for this :)

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  5. I am not going through the battle of a long-distance relationship, but Brandon is struggling to find a job in the field of his degree. He has been graduated for going on two years now and has applied for MANY positions in this field, but he has came up empty handed every time. He works for his dad right now (which I am so thankful to God for this blessing of an income), but he feels like he is a failure to himself and his family. For me, I am satisfied that he is living his life for God and working to provide for his family in whatever job he has. He, on the other hand, feels like he has let down everyone and most importantly, his family. We have talked about God's plan for our life, but he (and I) still struggle to understand that we have to put our COMPLETE trust in our Lord that He will provide and protect us. Reading this post, I am so relieved to see that there are others who battle with the same issues as we do. I love reading this blog each time you post. Thank you for such reassuring and honest words.