Monday, December 12, 2011

never ending faithfulness

Can you believe that we are on week SEVEN of this nine week series??  It seems like the weeks have just FLOWN by, but I know that I have be stretched so much in my faith the past several weeks.  As we get close to ending this series, I want you to be thinking about what YOU would like to see on the blog next!
Would you like to talk about relationships, prayer, how to study the bible… you name it!  Whatever you would like to see happen here, just let us know.  Comment below or send us an email because we would LOVE to know what you think!
This week we are going to be talking about a few different aspects of faithfulness, but today I (Nicole) just want to bring you the ULTIMATE story of faithfulness.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced at least some form of unfaithfulness, untrustworthiness, or you’ve been affected by disappointment.  Our human nature makes it absolutely impossible to avoid these feelings or avoid CAUSING these feelings for someone else.  Sometimes we are going to screw up and we’re going to cause someone not to trust us, or someone else’s actions is going to cause us to question their devotion to us.  But, there is One who’s faithfulness will NEVER be in question; One that will NEVER be untrustworthy.
At the very beginning of the world, God had plenty of reasons to abandon his creation.  After he made them perfect and without want, they deliberately sinned against him.  And then God decided human kind wasn’t worth saving.  So he condemned Adam and Eve to Hell and there was no hope for the world after that.
Wait… what?
Adam and Eve sinned against God, but God never turned his back.  In fact, because of their sin, God gave the greatest sacrifice of all.  His Son.  Think about the darkest places you’ve been where you’ve been away from God, chosen to trust in your own guidance, and walked hand in hand with the world.  The moment where you were at your LOWEST, God still didn’t leave you. 
Want to hear something that will blow your mind?
That was the moment that God was most faithful to you.
Because that was the moment God sent his Son to die for.
The times where you can’t even stand the sight of yourself, remember that God’s faithfulness will never leave.  You’re never too far gone and you’ve never chosen the broken road too many times. 
God’s faithfulness will always, always cover you.  Even though you may know the intense heartache of unfaithfulness in people, there is a God who has been more faithful to you than you could ever know.
My challenge for you today is to think about ONE instance where you know you were far from God.  A moment in your life where you couldn’t see the light, or if you’re like me, you chose to ignore the light.
Think about that moment… and then think about the God who stuck with you through it.  His faithfulness never leaves.
Psalm 36:5
Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.
Love y’all always!


  1. Nicole,
    This post is so incredible, I desperately needed to hear that! We all can become weak and lack hope, but you're so right his faithfullness never changes. Amazing, amazing, amazing !

  2. AWESOME post. I hate thinking about my weakest moment but it also brings joy to me to see where I am today and it's only because of God' unfailing love and the fact that he stuck by my side even in my darkest days. It's great to just sit back and THANK God for always being there. You are wonderful, Nicole! <3